Banbury Motorcycle Run



The Banbury Run 



The Banbury Run has been in existence for 59 years and is run by the Vintage Motorcycle Club.  This event is open to motorcycles manufactured prior to 1931.   The run is split into three groups Group A, Veteran, that is motorcycles manufactured prior to 1915. Group B, Early Vintage between 1916 and 1924, this is the group I entered and finally Group C 1925 to 1930. There are 3 road courses ranging in length and difficulty with classes B and C taking in the infamous Sunrising Hill. Group B and C were 50 and 60 mile courses.
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Banbury 2011 Start Line


Banbury 2011 Banbury Cross


Banbury 2011 Sunrising Hill


Banbury 2011 The Castle Pub