I spend a lot of time trying to get the colour of the speedo faces as close as possible to that of the original faces. This is sometimes difficult as the faces are normally very faded, in this case you will have to trust me as I will use my judgment although it may be just a best guess.

The faces for sale on this web site, as shown to the right here, are copies of the artwork used to layout the faces. The background colour is either CMYK or a Pantone colour, whichever give me best results.

The problem using the artwork on the web site is that the colour you see here can sometimes bare no resemblance to the true printed colour.

I did start to produce artwork just for the web site but I am now getting very lazy so there is a mix of images on the web site.

If you look at the faces to your left, these are the web pictures and then right  the faces fitted to a bike. The faces on the bike are spot on but the web images do not reflect that.