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Ducati Laverda


Your pictures! If you would like to add a photograph of your motorcycle to this site, send a copy to me along with a short paragraph telling us some history of the machine, how old it is, what you have done to it etc.

This is a 1979 Yamaha XS650. This machine was restored 4 years ago by Halco Engineering. This is my 3rd XS650. My first was in 1976 and my second in 1981. I purchased this bike 2 years ago.  It has modern carbs and electronic ignition. This results in a bike that starts on the button and runs far better that these bikes ever did from new
The finished clocks made all the difference


This is a K6 from 1976. I bought it 2 years ago and you can see some pictures when iíve got it, and some pictures now.

Actually I am restoring an Honda CB500 four K0 from 1971, and i will send you pictures when i twill be nice.






 Tom McQuiggan's 1976 CB750F1

This beautiful bike has been fully restored to its original condition using genuine Honda NOS (New Old Stock) parts wherever possible. The only "unoriginal" part is the electronic-ignition which I installed recently. The bike has covered 30,000 miles and looks superb. Sadly, the primary-chains started to clatter recently, so the engine has to come out and be stripped right down for repair. No bad thing I guess. And certainly worth doing when you have such a lovely machine to work on.  I've just started refurbishing a 400/4 which can be seen at www.mcqart.com

Howard Jones Bridgend 

This bike is a 1975 K2 which was bought as a box of bits off of eBay 18 months ago.

I used to have a 750 Honda which I bought new in 1976. I traveled extensively around Europe on the bike and it never let me down. I think the Honda 750 is the best bike ever.



Iíve also got a 500/4 1974 Ė; which is totally original.


Left:-The owner of this bike is Dave Ross from Aberdeen.  The bike was purchased earlier this year with the intention of starting restoration during the winter. The work to date includes, new exhaust, fork seals, front rim and spokes, carb strip down, replacement seat, side panels, rear wheel rim and spokes, front fender, battery, clutch, alternator and starter covers, powder coated swing arm and chain guard, lots of nuts and bolts, full re-spray. Not too bad for nine months work !!!  Well done Ross 

Ross also has a Bennelli 250 2c restoration which is almost complete ongoing. Hope to have the pictures later!  

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Picture to the right is a CB750 owned by Bruce Cooper 

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