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        Ducati Laverda






Wet Application of Replacement Vinyl Faces.


1/. Fill a small bowl with cold water and add 2 drops of washing up liquid and mix.

2/. Make sure the old dial is totally clean and free of any imperfections, place the dial in the water face up.

3/. Remove the new vinyl overlay from its backing paper. If you find this difficult, use a craft knife to tease the overlay away from the backing paper. 

4/. Lay the new overlay in the water adhesive side down. Agitate gently the remove any air bubbles.

5/. Gently introduce the overlay to the old dial face sliding the new overlay to get the correct alignment. 

6/. If the face cannot be aligned, gently remove the overlay whilst still under the water and try again.

7/. Once the overlay is correctly aligned, remove the face from the water and wipe the face gently with the back of your finger to remove any air bubbles. Now place the dial face up on some kitchen towel and walk away from it! Do not move onto the next step for 1-2 hours.



You will need to cut out the holes for the mileage on the speedo.  For this use a new sharp craft knife. This is best done to start with from the rear of the face.  Place the face, face down on a card or A4 pad. Carefully cut out along the straight edges and into the corners. You may find that you cannot cut right up to the corner. Turn the face over (face up) and finish off. Now install the dials. Do not over tighten the screws, this may result in puckering/distorting the new face around the screw hole. If you use a little lock tight on the screws you will not have to tighten as much.