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Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 192BK)K



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Honda CBX1000-900


The faces shown here are for the Honda CBX1000 and900.  Faces are available in KPH & MPH . 

Important notice, due to a technical issue I have had to remove the pay now buttons. Please mail me if you wish to buy a set of faces and I will re-instate the button you need. The faces on this page are 36 inc postage.

The images here show the layout of the faces. The face colour shown may seem to be a different shade.  This is not the case. This is only down to the contrast I have set for this page only. They are all the same and are as near identical to the Honda original..


Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 190BK)KPH

Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 190BK)KPH Face Set:- 36.00 inc p+p

Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 192BK)KPH


Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 192BK)KPH Face Set:- 36.00 inc p+p

Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 191BM)MPH
Honda CBX1000-900 (ref 191BM)MPH Face Set:- 36.00 inc p+p