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Ducati Laverda

Q/.Are you supplying a complete replacement perspex face? A/. No I am supplying a replacement self adhesive Vinyl face that you need to fit to your existing clock faces.
Q/. Can I fit a MPH face to a KPH clock? A/. Yes, this will work fine. Remember that the speed will show correctly but the mileage readout will remain in KPH.  Before you fit the face you will need to smooth the faces with a fine abrasive paper as the existing digits (lettering etc) are slightly high and once the new face is fitted will be visable very slightly in some instance.
Q/. I am inquiring on your appliqué's  does  the speedo & odometer have cut outs or do you have to do this yourself. A/. The center hole and screw holes are pre cut. The mileage holes need to be cut by hand, very easy, see instructions.
Q/. Are the color backgrounds the proper shades? A/. Yes, I have spent a lot of time working with the original clocks to get a good match.
Q/.How difficult is it to split the clocks on the Honda CB750 K2 as I would hate to damage the only pair I have A/. I supply full instructions that are easy to follow. Take your time and keep things clean and you will be ok.
Q/. I am concerned about how well your product will stay bonded under extreme conditions like a few hours of direct sun or maybe sub zero temps?  A/. The vinyl and inks are industrial quality and have good UV performance. I am selling most of my faces to Australia. I have had no negative feed back to date.
Q/. Are the graphics crisp and blur free and A/. Yes I am very happy with the quality. They are very sharp.
Q/. Model Master-Fluorescent Red # FS28915 is an excellent choice for painting the needles..
Q/. I'm trying to find a pair of chrome rings for the speedo and tacho can you help A/. Sorry no. If anyone can, mail me.
Q/. Do you have a set for the kawasaki Z900? A/. No but as soon as some one can loan me some clocks I will!!!!!
Q/. Hya Steve,
could you just let me know what I would be buying here?
I have seen water slide transfers being sold, are yours these or are you selling the whole plastic disc with the face on?
I hope so , cos if you are I will buy a pair!
Thanks a lot Lizzie.


A/. A/. No I am supplying a replacement self adhesive Vinyl face that you need to fit to your existing clock faces.